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BWL Advanced FAQ Manager WordPress Plugin

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Super Easy Way To Create FAQ Database.

By using this plugin, you can easily create unlimited number of FAQ items for your website. Also you can classified FAQs in to FAQ categories and FAQ topics. It’s super easy like WordPress regular post creation.

Fastest way to Find Your answers.

Users can easily find their desired FAQ items from long FAQs lists. It?s not only providing fast result but also gives you’re user a supreme experience while they finding their answers.

Display FAQs Within A Small Space.

FAQ pagination feature will allow you to keep you’re site structure intact by paginate FAQ items. You can easily define how many items you like to show per page inside the shortcode. Now it’s super easy to display hundreds of FAQ items anywhere of your site within a small amount of space.

Full freedom to build custom themes.

Plugin comes with 7 built-in colorful themes and a custom theme builder section. You can create custom themes according to your website color scheme.

Get User Question By External FAQ Form.

You can also receive FAQ questions from you’re users. This feature allows you to get exact user questions about you’re site content. So, You can also enrich the FAQ contents of your WordPress powered site.


Powerful Features of Plugin You Will Love

ShortCode Builder

Quickly insert shortcode by using TinyMCE integrated shortcode builder.

Live Search

Users can easily find required answers quickly from FAQs lists.

Responsive Accordion

Now you can easily display FAQ information in any screen size.

Like Options

Easy way to identify which FAQ items are seems useful for the users.

FAQ Pagination

Keep you're site structure intact by paginate FAQ items.

Custom Widgets

Plugin will allow you to display FAQ contents any sidebar of your site.


Can I add youtube video as FAQ content?

Yes, you can.

Does plugin support latest WordPress version?

Yes, we always keep up to date and ensure compatibility of latest WordPress version.

Can I toggle FAQ blocks?

Yes, it’s possible.

1. Go to FAQ Settings>Reading Settings section.

2. From ‘Collapsible Accordion:’  drop down list, please select ‘Show All FAQ Answer Closed’ option and save your new settings.

Check following image-


Can I Paginate FAQs When I’ve large no of items?

Yes, you can paginate FAQ’s very easily for your large no of items. You can also assign how many items you can display per page.

Does search box work in mobile device?

Yes, plugin search box support and work pretty well in mobile devices. Search box has clear(X) button so you can easily clear search field text with out pressing backspace.

Can plugin be used with WooCommerce?

Yes, plugin is compatible with WooCommerce.

You just need to purchase ” FAQ Tab For WooCommerce ($15) ” addon to use FAQ plugin with WooCommerce. You can use your existing FAQs as WooCommerce product FAQ. So, you don’t need to create FAQ again for your product. It’s super easy to use and very efficient. Check now-

FAQ Tab For WooCommerce

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