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About The Plugin

BWL Knowledge Base Manager is an ultimate WordPress plugin with many unique and flexible features to create unlimited Knowledge Base questions and answers for your website content. Modal-based & Ajax-powered Sticky Search feature gives you the best search experiences to find their question answers quickly.

It has a visual Shortcode Editor panel provides all kinds of options to insert shortcodes in the TinyMCE editor. Four Built-in widgets allow you to display Knowledge base categories, Knowledge base topics, and the latest/top-upvoted/top-down voted/popular knowledge base in the sidebar area.

Key Features & Benefits

Easy To Use:

The plugin comes with almost zero configuration requirements. Just upload, install, and activate the plugin; you are ready to use it.

Make The Customer QA Treasure:

The plugin allows you to create unlimited knowledge base posts and classify them into different categories and tags for the users. Additionally, you can set custom icons for each knowledge base post, category, and tag. It is super easy to manage KB posts from the WordPress admin panel.

Advanced Search For Quick Answer:

The plugin comes with an advanced search feature to find and deliver the fastest results to your users. No more page reloading to get search results. Once the search query finds the result, the user can select the post title, and the plugin will take the user to the KB details page. It will help the user to get answers quickly and make a decision to purchase your product or service.

Responsive Grid Layout:

The plugin comes with a built-in responsive grid system, which ensures content is displayed properly on any screen size. Moreover, the plugin works perfectly with the Bootstrap without any problem.

Popular/Featured/Recent Tabs:

The most unique features of the knowledge base plugin. You can display the Popular, featured, and Recent KB posts in a small area of your site. The tab is responsive and works fine with any WordPress theme.

Like/Dislike KB Option With Colorful Statistics Bar

Users can submit their opinion on your KB content. You can easily track their like/dislike counts from plugin option panel.

Feedback Panel For Disliked KB Post

Plugin display a custom feedback box if any user submit a dislike vote. This way you can get an idea why user dislike KB content and will able to change KB content according to user demand.

Display Related KB Posts:

The plugin automatically adds a Related KB Posts section after a single KB content. You can enable/disable this option from the plugin options panel.

Display KB Post Details

Each KB post displays the post author’s name, category, tag, number of views, and post date information. The plugin also displays the last edited date of each KB. You can show/hide each meta information from the plugin option panel.

Options Panel

The plugin comes with a huge customization feature that allows you to control every feature of the plugin. You can customize KB themes, select KB heading fonts, manage KB single page contents, handle RTL mode, show/hide external KB submission forms, manage to display KB modal window and many more.

Custom CSS Panel

If you need to add custom CSS code, you don’t need to add code directly to Plugin core stylesheet file. Plugin provide custom CSS editor in option panel, where you can easily add your custom CSS codes and it will store in Database. So, for future updates you will never lose your custom codes. It’s safe and the best way to add custom CSS code in to a plugin.

Unlimited File Attachment

You can upload and attach unlimited files with each KB post. It will help your users to get their downloadable content easily with KB items.

Quick & Bulk Edit

Using quick and bulk editing you can easily reset old vote counts. You can reset single post votes using quick edit, and bulk edit allows you to reset multiple post vote counts.

Table of Content (TOC)

The plugin automatically creates table of content based on your knowledge base post content. You can turn on/off automatic table of the content generated feature from the plugin option panel.

Password Protected Knowledge Base Post

You can restrict KB post access using a password and allow only for a group of users.

Email Notification for KB Questions

The administrator will get a notification email when the user submits a new KB question or submits feedback on KB content. Administrators can notify users when their questions are approved.

Sort KB As You Wish

Using the drag-and-drop sorting feature, the administrator can quickly sort KB items from the admin panel.

Custom Knowledge Base Widgets

The plugin has built-in widget options allowing you to display Top Up Voted/Top Down Voted/Recent/ Popular/Featured KB in sidebar areas.

Custom Knowledge Base Columns

You can easily find the statistics of like/dislike/feedback for each KB Question from the options panel.

Custom Permalink Setup

For better SEO, you can set a custom slug for the Knowledge Base single page, categories, and tags. You will get the option to set a custom slug in the plugin option panel.

Easy To Use Shortcode Editor

Using a shortcode, you can easily integrate Knowledge Base items inside any page or post.

RTL Support:

The plugin provides awesome support for the Arabic language. Enable the RTL support option from the options panel; the plugin automatically adjusts its content to the right side.

Localization & WPML Supported

The plugin supports a translation feature and can be translated to any other language. The plugin comes with a pot file and uses the “poedit” software; you can easily create the translation file.

Latest WordPress Compatible

We always keep our plugin up to date. So we can make sure the plugin always work with the latest WordPress version, If you have any issue, just let us know, and we will deal with them.

Automatic Update Notification

When we release a new version, the plugin will display an update notification message in your site admin area. We also provide detailed change log information with update notifications.

6 Months Premium Support

The plugin comes with 6 months of premium support directly from the developer and a lifetime free update feature. I’m always here to provide quality support for the buyers.



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