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WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager provide you a great way to create unlimited no of faq questions and answers for your product. You can easily add unlimited no of FAQ’s in product tab. Super easy and flexible admin interface gives you great user experience to create FAQ items.

All Features:

  • - Zero Configuration required, just plugin & play.
  • - Responsive Layout.
  • - Unlimited No of Product FAQ’s
  • - Live Search Panel With Text Highlighter
  • - Quick and Easy FAQ insertion panel.
  • - Unique Global FAQ Management System.
  • - Custom & Dedicated Tab for WooCommerce Product.
  • - Extensive Option panel.
  • - Drag & Drop Sorting of Product FAQ’s.
  • - 5 Pre-defined theme with Custom Theme Editor.
  • - Custom CSS Editor panel to insert CSS code.
  • - Quick/Bulk edit options to show/hide WooCommerce Product FAQ tab.
  • - FAQ Counter.
  • - RTL Support For Arabic Language.
  • - Auto update notification.
  • - Ready for localization.
  • - Support WP Latest Version.
  • - Well Documentation.
  • - Premium Support From Developer.

BWL Knowledge Base Manager

BWL Knowledge Base Manager is an ultimate WordPress plugin comes with lots of unique and flexible features to create unlimited number of Knowledge Base question and answers for your website content. Modal based & Ajax Powered Sticky Search feature gives you the best search experiences to find their question answers quickly. It has a visual Shortcode Editor panel that provide you all kinds of options to insert shortcode in tinymce editor. Four Built-in widgets allows you to display Knowledge base categories, Knowledge base topics, latest/top up voted/top down voted/popular knowledge base in sidebar area.

Plugin Features:

  • - Unlimited knowledge base questions and answers.
  • - Unlimited Categories and Tags
  • - Unique Ajax Based Search Panel.
  • - Responsive Grid system.Single/Two/Three column layout.
  • - Animated Tabs to display Featured,Popular,Recent Knowledge base posts.
  • - Like/Dislike Voting Panel with colorful statistics bar.
  • - Feedback panel for dislike votes.
  • - Related KB Questions with every single KB posts details.
  • - Unique “ASK A Question” External Form to collect questions from users.
  • - KB Meta information panel to display view counter, KB author, KB publish date, KB categories and KB Tags.
  • - Extensive and Powerful option panel for customization.
  • - Unlimited color possibilities.
  • - Custom CSS panel to insert custom code without touching plugin stylesheet.
  • - File upload and drag drop sorting feature with every KB post.
  • - Quick and Bulk Edit options.
  • - Ready for Localization and WPML support.
  • - Password protected knowledge base contents.
  • - Enable/Disable Dislike Button
  • - Email Notification feature for Both New Question and Feedback submission.
  • - New Question & Feedback Review option.
  • - Sort your items by top like vote/ top down vote/ categories/ topics.
  • - Display Top Up Voted/Top Down Voted/Recent/ Popular/Featured KB in Widget Area.
  • - Custom column to display no of like/dislike/feedback for each KB Question.
  • - Custom Permalink Setup For SEO.
  • - 2 Unique and animated CSS3 List Type.
  • - Fit With any Theme.
  • - Automatic Update Notification.
  • - Tested up to WP Latest Version.
  • - Well Documented with video tutorials.
  • - Premium Support Directly From Developer.

BWL Poll Manager

BWL Poll Manager provide you a great way to create unlimited custom poll system for your WordPress powered web site. You can easily create unlimited numbers of custom poll with unlimited options and then use them via Shortcode any where of your web site like page, post or inside custom posts. This plugin comes with a built-in widget feature that allows you to show poll interface in sidebar areas. We are using WordPress popular custom meta box and custom post type technology to provide maximum flexibility. Easy and quick interface will gives you a great user experience to create polls, sort options and add unlimited no of colors in your poll interface.

All Features:

  • - Zero Configuration Required.
  • - Unlimited Polls.
  • - Unlimited Poll Options.
  • - Easy drag drop Poll Options Sorting.
  • - Multiple Polls In A Single Page.
  • - 6 Predefined CSS3 Poll Bar.
  • - Easy Shortcode Integration using Shortcode Editor.
  • - Built-in widgets to display polls in sidebar.
  • - Unlimited Color Customization.
  • - Easy Reset Poll Feature.
  • - One Vote From One IP Address.
  • - RTL (Right To Left) Support For Arabic Language.
  • - Poll Result Hide Option.
  • - Random Polls.
  • - Responsive Layout.
  • - Ready for localization.
  • - Support WP Latest Version.
  • - Well Documentation.

BWL Pro Voting Manager

BWL Pro Voting Manager provide you a great option to add a custom voting system in single post. Feedback option gives you a nice way to collect user feedback and improve your post.

Plugin Features:

  • - Zero Configuration required, just plugin & play.
  • - Responsive voting layout.
  • - Like/Dislike voting panel for single post.
  • - Support custom post types including WooCommerce.
  • - Ajax Powered voting panel with colorful and animated result bar.
  • - Feedback panel for dislike votes.
  • - Built-in custom widgets to display top liked/ top disliked posts.
  • - Like/Dislike statistics with every post in admin panel.
  • - 5 types of voting display options.
  • - Custom voting start and end date option. Automatically voting interface close on date expire.
  • - Quick/Bulk edit for reset vote counter.
  • - Extensive option panel.
  • - Filter(Enable/Disable) custom post type voting.
  • - Unlimited color customization possibilities for voting interface.
  • - IP filter to restrict repeat voting.
  • - Can Set custom timer and number of votes for repeat voting.
  • - User role based voting. Work smoothly with Membership plugin.
  • - Custom CSS code insertion panel.
  • - Visual Shortcode editor panel.
  • - Custom Shortcode to display top liked and disliked items in a page.
  • - Auto update notification.
  • - Ready for localization.
  • - Support WP Latest Version.
  • - Well Documentation.
  • - Premium Support From Developer.

BWL Post To Breaking News Manager

BWL Post To Breaking News Manager is a cool WordPress premium plugin that allows you to display unlimited number of breaking news in your WordPress powered website. By using it, you can able to display breaking news in any pages header section, footer section and in sidebars. This plugin has a nice option panel with useful features that allows you to customize text color, background color and other settings. Widget option allow you to show breaking news in sidebar of your website. It’s very simple but much more efficient.

Plugin Features:

  • - Zero configuration required. Just plug and Play.
  • - Unlimited Breaking News.
  • - Create any posts in to Breaking News.
  • - Display Breaking News in header/Footer/Sidebar areas.
  • - Responsive Layout.
  • - 14+ smooth animated news ticker.
  • - Extensive Option panel.
  • - Unlimited colors with Live theme generator.
  • - Easy to adjust ticker colors/height/animation with you’re theme.
  • - Custom CSS insertion panel without changing plugin stylesheet.
  • - Quick and Bulk Edit options.
  • - Custom Widgets with tons of options.
  • - Visual Shortcode Editor.
  • - RTL Support.
  • - Custom ticker show/hide buttons.
  • - Only 100Kb In Size.
  • - Ready for localization.
  • - Auto update notification.
  • - Support WP Latest Version.
  • - Well Documentation(Video Tutorial Included).
  • - Premium support from developer.

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create unlimited number of FAQs for your WordPress powered website. Plugin comes with almost Zero Configuration feature. So, you don’t need to worry about any kind custom of custom and complicated configuration to use this plugin. Simply upload and install the plugin and you’re ready to go!

Create Unlimited Number of FAQs:

By using this plugin, you can easily create unlimited no of FAQ items for your website. You can also classified FAQs in to FAQ categories and FAQ topics. It’s super easy like WordPress regular post creation.

Unique Live FAQ Search:

Users can easily find their desired FAQ items from long FAQs lists. It’s not only providing fast result but also gives you’re user a supreme experience while they finding their answers.

Unique FAQ Accordion Pagination System:

Do you need to create large no of FAQ items and worried about how to display that huge lists? Don’t worry! Now it’s super easy to display hundreds of FAQ items anywhere of your site within a small amount of space. FAQ pagination feature will allow you to keep you’re site structure intact by paginate FAQ items. You can easily define how many items you like to show per page inside the shortcode.

FAQ Rating System:

Now, it’s super easy to identify which FAQ items are seems useful for the users. Plugin offers a custom column in admin section that display total no of likes for each FAQ item. By this way you can easily improve you’re FAQ contents based on user ratings. We are using IP address checking to avoid repeat votes from the same users.

Custom FAQ Category Tab:

This is one of the most popular and unique of FAQ Manager Plugin. You can easily display multiple categories and their FAQs in smooth and animated Tab.

External FAQ Submission Form:

You can also receive FAQ questions from you’re users. This feature allows you to get exact user questions about you’re site content. So, You can also enrich the FAQ contents of your WordPress powered site.

Custom Single FAQ Page:

For SEO purpose, plugin allows you to display FAQs in a single page. You can also set custom permalinks for single page.

Built-in FAQ Widget:

Plugin will allow you to display FAQ contents any sidebar of your site using widget feature.

Custom Post Type Powered Admin Panel:

We are developing this FAQ plugin using WordPress custom post type feature. That’s why plugin does not require generating any custom table to work. Also, it’s ensuring you to avoid any kind of conflict with other plugins data.

Extensive Option Panel:

Plugin comes with lots of customization feature to customize you’re FAQ contents according to your need. You can choose themes, create new themes, change fonts sizes, setup custom slug and insert custom style sheet.

RTL (Right to Left) Support:

You can easily integrate this plugin into Arabic language based website. Just enable RTL options from option panel and plugin automatically handle rest of the things.

TinyMce Integrated Shortcode Editor:

Plugin has nice visual shortcode editor panel integrated with TinyMce. So that, you don’t need to copy & paste shortcode anymore. Just select you’re preffered options from the shortcode editor then custom shortcodes will automatically insert into TinyMce Editor. That gives you the best flexibility to insert shortcodes.

Drag & Drop FAQ Sorting Panel:

You can also sort FAQs using Drag & Drop sorting feature. It’s very much flexible and provide easy manage features of the FAQ content.

7 Colorful Themes with Custom Theme Builder:

Plugin comes with 7 built-in colorful themes and a custom theme builder section. You can create custom themes according to your website color scheme.

WPML Supported & Ready for Localization:

Plugin comes with .mo & .po file. That allows you to localize FAQ plugin in to your own language. Plugin also support WPML plugin to create FAQ’s for multiple languages.

Premium Support from Developer:

We love to help our buyers and most of the time it takes less than 1 day to reply you’re support questions. Don’t worry; if you face any kind of issue regarding FAQ plugin then developer will help you to solve your issue.

All Features:

  • - Zero Configuration Required.
  • - Create Unlimited Number of FAQs.
  • - FAQ Live Search To Find FAQ’s Quickly.
  • - FAQ Pagination.
  • - 7 different FAQ Themes With Custom Theme Generator.
  • - Display FAQs in Tabs.
  • - Front End FAQ Ask Form.
  • - Captcha Validation For FAQ Submission.
  • - Custom Slug For Single FAQ.
  • - Extensive FAQ Option Panel.
  • - Visual Shortcode Editor.
  • - Accordion and Toggle Mode.
  • - Expand All/ Collapse All Buttons.
  • - Font-awesome up/down Arrow for FAQ Collapse Navigation.
  • - RTL support.
  • - 3 Types of Built-in FAQ Widgets.
  • - FAQ Sorting Option.
  • - FAQ Rating Option.
  • - FAQ Categories.
  • - FAQ Topics.
  • - FAQ Filtering by Categories and Topics in Admin Panel.
  • - Display Single FAQ Any Where of Site.
  • - Pure CSS3 Accordion with jQuery Fallback.
  • - Responsive Layout.
  • - Ready for localization (Mo & Po file included).
  • - WPML Compatible.
  • - Support WP Latest Version.
  • - Well Documentation
  • - Automatic Notification for New Version.
  • - Get Premium and Quick support From developer.