Attachment Tab For the WooCommerce plugin it provides a great way to attach any files to the product description page. The plugin automatically creates a custom & dedicated tab for attachments containing all product-related attachments.

The plugin allows you to upload unlimited file attachment features from the WordPress admin panel. Suppose you need to attach a large number of files, like- 100, in the product attachment tab; the plugin automatically paginates those large attachment lists. So, all attachments can fit into a small amount of place. The options panel defines the number of display items per page.

Once you have completed uploading attachment files, users/visitors can easily download their required files from the dedicated attachment tab. The plugin counts each attachment download and generates a stats report on daily downloads.

The plugin displays the attachment list in a responsive layout and contains a nice font-awesome powered icon for each file type. You can also restrict the download option only to registered & logged-in users.



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