The BWL Knowledgebase Manager plugin allows you to add unlimited attachments with each KB post. You can also sort attachments using the drag and drop feature. Here go the steps to add attachments. Please check the following video tutorial to learn more about the file attachment with a KB post.

Step 1 – Open A KB Post

Go to any knowledge base post Add/Edit mode, and bottom of the page, you will get the KB File Attachment Settings meta box. Click on the Add New File button, and a new row will appear (Check step 02) to upload a file.

Step 2 – Go To Kb File Attachment Settings

Next, click on the Upload Button to upload new file.


Step 3 – Upload A File

Click the Upload Files Tab. Then click the ‘Select Files‘ button to upload new files.


Step 4 – Attach The File

Select the newly uploaded file. Finally, click the select button to include an attachment.


Step 5-Add More Files

Now, new files have been included successfully. Finally, click on the save/update button of the KB post.


Step 6-Delete A File

Click the Delete button to remove the attachment. Now save/update the KB post.

Step 7-Save The Settings

You can also drag and drop File rows to sort attachment files.  Click on the Update/Save button to save the new changes.

Last Update: July 8, 2023
September 16, 2017 1797 Mahbub Alam KhanBWL Knowledge Base Manager, How To
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