Templify KB is a powerful template addon for the BWL Knowledge Base Manager WordPress plugin to manage KB Categories, Tags, and single-page custom templates without touching a single file inside the theme folder.

Addon has a responsive and mobile-friendly grid layout system. So, you can easily display your knowledge base contents on small devices without any issues.

The addon has a built-in widget feature. You can add any custom widgets to the sidebar areas (there are seven types of unique widgets available with BWL Knowledge Base Manager), but only for KB items. That means you have complete freedom to manage the knowledge base page sidebar contents.
Extensive Option Panel:

Addon has an extensive option panel that allows you to customize page layout, search box settings, breadcrumb settings, and many more. You can display categories and tags in 4 different styles with 3 different page layouts (right sidebar, left sidebar, and full width). Also, you can enable or disable any templates from the option panel.

Does this addon work with my theme?

No matter which WordPress theme you are using now, Addon will automatically sync its layout with your current theme’s structure. You may need to add some custom style sheets to adjust the layout a little bit (with free support from the developer). That is why we added a custom CSS panel to insert custom CSS code without changing a single line of the theme’s or plugin’s original CSS code.

Templify KB Features

  • Zero Configuration and Easy to Use.
  • Knowledge Base Contents have Automatic Category, Tag, and Single Post Templates.
  • There are three different layouts available: left sidebar, right sidebar, and full width.
  • 4 custom stylings (rectangular, rounded, iconized, or simple) to display category and tag posts
  • The extensive option panel allows you to enable or disable templates and customize other things.
  • There are an unlimited number of knowledge base items with a drag-and-drop feature.
  • Custom Breadcrumb.
  • a custom widget area.
  • responsive grid layout.
  • The translation is ready.
  • support the latest WordPress version.
  • The developer provides premium and quick support directly.
  • step-by-step documentation.



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