Writing a bash script is super easy, and in this tutorial, we will learn how to write our first bash script on a Windows computer.

What is a bash script?

A bash script contains the sequence of commands that a bash program executes. Using a bash script, you can carry out a sequence of operations. For instance, browsing to a certain directory, making a folder, making new files within that folder, and starting a process are all examples of command-line operations.

Requirements for bash scripting

Download and install git from this link.

Now you are ready to write the bash script on your Windows machine. Follow these steps.

1. Open the gitbash terminal on a Windows machine.

2. Go to any folder and write nano bash.sh command to create a new bash file.

3. This command will also pop up an editor window.

4. The bash script always starts with the #! /bin/bash command. You can write the bash command to get the bash file path.

5. In this first bash script, I would like to print my name.

6. Pressing ctrl+x and writing y will save the script.

8. To run the script, write bash bash.sh


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