Add New FAQ Post

The process to add a new FAQ item is almost similar to adding a WordPress post. When you want to add a new FAQ, you simply navigate to the FAQ section in your WordPress dashboard, much like you would go to the Posts section to create a new blog post. Here, you’ll find a familiar […]

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager Installation

Installation Requirements You need at least WordPress version 4.8+ installed for this plugin to work properly. It is strongly recommended that you always use the latest stable version of WordPress to ensure all known bugs and security issues are fixed. Other requirements Installation Steps To install a plugin, you must first upload the plugin files […]

Write php documentation comment

It is a good practice to write a documentation comment above the function or class to explain it’s functionality to other developers. In the future, if we need to modify the function, we can easily understand the reason for creating that function without checking the entire code and modify it according to the application requirements. […]

Six easy steps for enabling global attachments

You are able to simply attach any media files as a global attachments by following the six straightforward steps that are provided below. A global attachment file will always be appended with the product attachments. Step 1: Navigate to Media Go to Media > Library. You will get all the files uploaded to your site […]

Add Attachments To A WooCommerce Product

Using the Attachment Tab for WooCommerce plugin, you can easily attach unlimited attachments to any WooCommerce product. Step 1: Navigate to product page Go to any WooCommerce product page (add/edit mode). Now, at the bottom of that page, you will see the Product Attachment Settings panel, like in the following screenshot. Step 2: Attach A […]

Codecanyon/Themeforest Product Licensing

How to download the purchase code? You can easily download the purchase code from your Codecanyon/ThemeForest account. Check this article for step-by-step instructions. Downloaded the plugin from Envato Elements. How can I get the purchase code? Unfortunately, you can not. However, you can use all the features of the plugin without issue. The only exception […]

How to rate and review Envato item?

You can easily add rating and review notes if you purchase any product from the Envato marketplace. It is super easy and will take only two seconds for you. Step 01: Navigate to the product page. For example, we purchased the BWL Knowledgebase Manager WordPress plugin and would like to rate the item. Step […]

How to add a link to a button?

You can easily add any link(internal link or external link) to a button. Please check the following steps. Note: You can use the following steps to add links for Knowledgedesk, Reddrop Buddies, Senior Care, and Sharai Khana WordPress themes. Step 01: Go to the edit section of the page. Step 02: Navigate to the Buttons […]

How to enable WPBakery Page Builder for BWL KB Post Type?

By default, the BWL Knowledgebase Manager plugin uses the default WordPress editor. Follow the steps to create the Knowledgebase content using the WPBakery page builder. Step 01: Log in to your site’s WordPress admin panel. Step 02: Navigate to WPBakery Page Builder >> Role Manager. Step 03: Check the “bwl_kb” box from the Post types […]

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