Koala is a GUI application, that helps web developers to compile SASS. It can quickly generate CSS from the SCSS files. It is a FREE application for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

This application offers a Real-time Compilation option. It watches files and compiles automatically when the file changes so that everything is running in the background without user action. Additionally, if an error during compilation, koala will pop up the error message. It also provides Multi-language support and extensive documentation.

In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step guidelines for compiling CSS files from the SASS files.

Step 01:

Koala SASS compiler offers free applications for different platforms. You can download a suitable application based on your operating system from this link.

Step 02:

Next, install the application and open the Koala application.

Step 03:

Click on the settings icon. From the General tab, uncheck the “Automatically ….. reloaded” checkbox. Finally, click the Ok button.

Step 04:

Click the + icon to add the SCSS source folder.

Step 05:

From your computer, choose the “src” folder.

Step 06:

The “styles.scss” and “styles-rtl.scss” files will generate the output css file.

Step 07:

Next, we need to set the output path of SCSS file. Right-click on the “styles.scss” file name and click on the “Set Output Path”.

Step 08:

Navigate to the css directory and click on the styles.css file. Finally, click on the “Save” button.

Step 09:

Now, you will see that output file path has been changed.

Step 10:

Next, click on the src tab and select Reload from there. It will refresh all the changes.

Step 11:

All done. Now, if you want to automatic reload option, restore the following settings.

Now, you know how to compile SASS files using Koala compiler.

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