Five Tips For Boosting Your WordPress Site Speed

WordPress is an awesome tool to create and launch a website within a few minutes. You do not need to be a programmer to launch your first website. WordPress benefits from a huge developer community, which helps it expand quickly. However, if you are a beginner and planning to start your brand new website using WordPress, then you can consider following these tips and tricks to launch a faster website.

In order to increase the speed of your WordPress website, I am going to share with you five helpful ideas that you should be aware of. 💪.

Get Premium WordPress Hosting

Avoid hosting your site on cheap hosting. It will save a little money at the beginning but will create massive issues once your WordPress site starts to grow. Try to buy and install WordPress sites on premium SSD hosting plans. Make sure the hosting service provides support for the latest PHP and MySQL versions. I recommended Hostinger for reliable WordPress hosting.

Delete Unused Themes & Plugins

Remove any plugins and themes that aren’t required at this time. It is recommended that you entirely remove them from your website rather than simply disabling them.

Install A WordPress Cache Plugin

Only one cache plugin should be used. I recommend the WP Super Cache plugin, and it is super easy to use.

Use Free CDN

Make use of a Cloudflare free content delivery network. Let me assure you that it will significantly enhance the speed of your website.

Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

Never install any themes and plugins that have been nulled. Because these themes and plugins contain harmful software, they will use the resources of your server, which will eventually slow down the pace of your application. Install only the premium WordPress themes or themes provided by the repository. Additionally, you will receive free community help from the developers in addition to premium support.

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