A GitHub page is the best option to host a static website. If you are looking for a solution to host your static HTML site without spending a penny, this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, we will host this beautiful Advanced FAQ Manager WordPress plugin landing page for Git Hub. 

Step 01:

Log in to your GitHub account and create a new repository.

Step 02:

Go to your project folder on your local computer and initialize git.

Step 03:

We need to add the origin. Finally, push all the files to the remote repository.

Step 04:

Next, go to github.com and check the file upload status.  

Step 05:

Navigate to the Settings of the repository. Under the “Code and Automation” menu, you will get the “Pages” submenu. Go to the pages.

Step 06:

You will get a Branch option under the “Build and Deployment” section. Select “main” from the dropdown, and select “/root” as a folder. Finally, click the Save button. It means that when you push any changes to the main branch, it will be automatically deployed to the root folder.

Step 07:

Now, again, go to the project folder on your local computer and change any code. Commit and push the code to the remote repository.

Step 08:

If everything is set up perfectly, you will get the following example.


The URL Pattern is:


I hope that helps, and let me know your feedback in the comment section.

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